Family Fitness Festival

Family Fitness Festival aim at establishing and creating a well-reputed annual family fitness event for kindergartens in Hong Kong. School-home collaborated activities will be advocated to strengthen parent’s confidence in guiding their children in physical fitness development. It aimed to enable parents to develop a more health conscious relationship with their children and create a supportive environment for mutual physical fitness development.

There will be series of parent-child fitness activities and games including Physical Activities for Fun, Moving for Parent-Child Bonding, Parent-Child challenge, Parent-child Cooperative Games, Memorable Motor Games in the Past.

Knowledge Transfer Workshop

Train-the-trainer programs to prepare kindergarten teachers, parents, and physical fitness trainers to help promote physical fitness and active lifestyle in kindergartens in Hong Kong.

Knowledge Transfer Seminars

Evaluate and consolidate the research findings, to disseminate the knowledge and practical experiences in promotion of physical fitness and active lifestyle among kindergarteners.